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Bush Meets with Chinese Leader at Texas Ranch

President Bush is meeting with Chinese leader Jiang Zemin for talks that will include North Korea's recent admission that it is has a nuclear weapons program. North Korea says it wants a "non-aggression pact" with Washington before resolving nuclear issues.

President Bush welcomed the Chinese leader to his Texas ranch on a chilly day under cloudy skies. Mrs. Bush greeted the Chinese First Lady and helped her inside where the couples will have lunch with senior staff.

President Bush and President Jiang are expected to meet for about 90 minutes and will take questions from reporters later in the day.

White House officials say they are expected to discuss human rights, trade, the fight against terrorism and a U.S. call to disarm Iraq, as well as North Korea's admission that it now has a nuclear weapons program.

Under a 1994 accord with the United States, North Korea was to have scrapped its nuclear weapons program in exchange for nuclear power plants and other aid.

North Korea Friday said it wants a "non-aggression pact" with the United States that recognizes North Korea's sovereignty and gives assurances that Washington will not hinder economic development.