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Angels Celebrate World Series Title

Red and white confetti rained down in Anaheim, California, where tens of thousands of fans celebrated the World Series win of the Anaheim Angels. Festivities included a parade at Disneyland and a rally at Edison Field, where the Angels earned the title Sunday evening.

The Angels were a long-shot at the start of the season, but they made it to the series, winning the title in their seventh and final game against the San Francisco Giants.

Right fielder Tim Salmon said the team has had its problems over the years.

"We turned it around this year," he said. "And look what we got. I've waited 10 years for something like this, but you guys have been waiting a lot longer."

Tom Daly, the mayor of Anaheim, held up a cowboy hat in honor of Gene Autry, the Western star who started the team 42 years ago.

Mr. Daly recalled he had made a friendly wager with the mayor of San Francisco, who said the losing mayor would wear the other's hat.

"And he told me I'd be wearing a fedora after this series," he said. "I've got news for the mayor of San Francisco. He's going to look real cute wearing this Gene Autry cowboy hat."

Gene Autry died four years ago, never seeing his Angels win a series.

The team is now owned by the Disney Corporation, so Gene Autry's widow, Jackie, rode along the parade route with a performer dressed as Mickey Mouse. The winning Angels rode on fire trucks.

A local congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez, was in the crowd and said,"This is so great. I'm so excited. It's the first time in history. We won!"

Several players promised the fans a repeat performance next year.