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Chirac: Iraq Must Fully Cooperate With UN - 2002-11-08

French President Jacques Chirac says Friday's UN Security Council vote gives Iraq an opportunity it should not miss.

The French government did not say what might happen if Iraq violates the U.N. resolution. Instead, President Chirac said the vote offers Iraq an opportunity to disarm in peace. That, he said, was France's goal from the beginning.

Mr. Chirac also said the international community has sent a clear message that it is united in telling Iraq it is now time to cooperate fully.

The French president did not mention the terms of the resolution, but the government is believed to be satisfied with what it sees as a significant concession from the United States. The resolution says the Security Council will meet to discuss any report of non-compliance by Iraq.

The French believe that prevents the United States and Britain from declaring Iraq in non-compliance and taking military action prior to the weapons inspectors' report.