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Iraq Parliament Committee Rejects UN Inspections Resolution - 2002-11-11

The Foreign Affairs committee of the Iraqi parliament has recommended that parliament reject the U.N. Security Council resolution calling on Iraq to disarm. What had been scheduled as a closed door emergency meeting of parliament Monday evening, was instead broadcast live nationally. Iraqis listened to members of parliament denounce the resolution as a violation of international law.

Iraq's parliamentary speaker, Saadoun Hammadi told the 250 member body the resolution is provocative, deceitful and a preamble for war. He said the resolution seeks to create a crisis and paves the way for aggression rather than for peace. The speaker said the document is filled with lies and requirements that cannot be implemented.

Mr. Hammadi was speaking to the opening session of the emergency meeting of parliament called by President Saddam Hussein to consider the Security Council resolution unanimously approved last Friday.

The head of Iraq's Arab and international relations committee, Salem al-Qubaissi, told parliament to reject the resolution and hand the matter over to President Saddam for a final decision.

The committee recommendations made before the Iraqi parliament do not necessarily mean the body will reject the resolution. A vote is expected on Tuesday. The final decision on Iraq's position will be determined by President Saddam through his Revolutionary Command Council.

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said Monday, he believes Iraq will cooperate with the new resolution. High level sources in the Arab League have told VOA Mr. Saddam has already decided to accept the terms of the resolution which call on Iraq to give U.N. inspectors full access to all sites throughout the country, including Saddam Hussein's many presidential palaces.

Iraq has until Friday to decide whether to accept the resolution.