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GM  Foods / Safety - 2002-11-11

Several African countries are still rejecting Genetically Modified Foods - even though much of their population is believed to be on the verge of starvation. For instance, Zambia recently declared a food emergency. At the same time, it asked international food donors to remove G-M foods from the country. Zambian officials say G-M foods are not safe to eat and could harm the environment. But many experts disagree. One of them is Ronald Bailey of the CATO Institute, a trade policy think tank in Washington, D-C. He says the affected countries are gambling with the lives of their own people. He says thousands are on the verge of starvation because their leaders are being decieved by the European Union that G-M foods are not safe. He says tests by several international organizations show G-M foos are safe for humans and the eivironment. Bailey says G-M foods hold the key for adequate food production in Africa.