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Indonesian Police Hunt for Brothers of Bali Bomb Suspect - 2002-11-12

Indonesian police say they are looking for two brothers of their top suspect in the investigation into the bombing in Bali that killed at least 180 people. Authorities also say they found weapons hidden in the forest near the main suspect's home.

Indonesian police say the latest suspects in the Bali investigation are Ali Imron and Ali Fauzi, the brothers of their top suspect. Police have identified their main suspect as Amrozi, but say that may be one of many names he uses. Authorities arrested Mr. Amrozi last week, and say he confessed to owning the van that was filled with explosives and detonated on street lined with restaurants and bars in Bali. At least 180 people died in the October 12 attack.

Police say Mr. Amrozi was a "field coordinator" and one of about 10 people involved in the plot. Police say the brothers may be connected to a cache of weapons they found hidden in the forest near Mr. Amrozi's home in East Java. Police say they found a number of guns and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. Investigators now are searching for the brothers and other suspects across East Java. They think all the people involved in the plot are Indonesian nationals. Separately, police are investigating the owner of the store in the East Java town of Surabaya where Mr. Amrozi, and perhaps his brothers, bought ingredients for the Bali bomb. Police spokesman Colonel Prasetyo said police are investigating why Mr. Amrozi went to the store, and whether his brothers also did. He said the police have experts determining how the explosives were combined to make a bomb. Investigators have said Mr. Amrozi was a student of a radical Islamic cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir, when they both lived in Malaysia. Mr. Bashir reportedly founded the Malaysian wing of Jemaah Islamiyah, a group dedicated to building an Islamic state across Southeast Asia.

Despite the connection to Mr. Amrozi, police say there is no evidence so far linking Mr. Bashir to the Bali blast. Mr. Bashir is in police custody in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, accused of being involved in a different terrorist incident. Police say he masterminded a wave of bombings at churches across Indonesia on Christmas Eve, 2000. Mr. Bashir has denied all charges of terrorism.