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Indonesian Police Name More Suspects in Bali Bombing - 2002-11-17

Indonesian police have named six more suspects in the Bali bombing, including the man who allegedly detonated the blast in an area popular with tourists. At least 180 people died in the attack, which some governments suspect may have been the work of a regional terrorist network.

Police say they think a man named Imam Samudra was the mastermind behind the October 12 bomb attack in Bali. Some government officials have said Mr. Samudra may be a member of the regional group, Jemaah Islamiyah, or JI. However, chief investigator Police General Made Pastika says authorities have not found evidence to support that theory.

Police on Sunday also said a man named Dulmatin was suspected of using a cell phone to detonate the car-bomb that tore through two crowded bars, killing more than 180 people. The police also have identified at least four other suspects in the attack. So far, only one suspect is in custody.

The United Nations, the United States and the European Union have all designated JI an international terrorist group. Washington says it has links to the al-Qaida network.

Singapore and Malaysia have said that JI is strong in Indonesia and that the government has missed opportunities to counter it.

Indonesia's stance has been varied, with some government officials denying JI exists in Indonesia, and others, including the defense minister, linking it to the bomb attack.

Police made their first significant breakthrough in the Bali case earlier this month with the arrest of Amrozi, a man they say confessed to owning the van that was used in the bombing. Among the dozen suspects authorities are now pursuing, two are Mr. Amrozi's brothers.

All the suspects are believed to be Indonesian nationals.