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Malnutrition In Angola - 2002-12-02

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization says with the end of the war in Angola, “massive numbers of people are returning to their homes.” But the FAO says, “food insecurity remairity remains high and the areas to which people are returning have no basic health services.”

A cease-fire in April between the government and UNITA rebels brought peace after almost thirty years of war. However, the country’s infrastructure, including many bridges, has been destroyed. To make matters worse, relief operations are being hindered by the rainy season.

Dominique Burgeon is with the FAO‘s emergency operations service. From Rome, he spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about the food situation in Angola. He says the number of people in need of emergency food aid is nearly two million.

The FAO has launched a “twelve-point-seven million dollar aid appeal” that includes seeds and farming tools. “Good quality seeds are not available in Angola,” according to the UN agency. The rehabilitation process also includes animal breeding and small fisheries.