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UN Inspectors Visit Iraqi Milk Factory Bombed in 1991 - 2002-12-23

U.N. weapons inspectors continued their work Monday visiting several suspect facilities while the country prepares to receive volunteers who will act as human shields in the event of war.

A factory that became famous a decade ago during the Gulf war was one of the sites visited by weapons inspectors Monday. The factory produces powdered milk for babies. In 1991 the facility was suspected of producing biological weapons. U.S. warplanes bombed the facility, totally destroying it. Afterwards Iraqi officials took news crews on a tour of the rubble. The facility has since been rebuilt.

Another inspection team re-visited one of Iraq's largest engineering plants while a third team, specializing in chemical weapons, investigated a veterinary medicine research facility.

Iraqi officials confirmed on Monday Baghdad would soon be receiving Arab and European volunteers who will act as human shields in the event of a U.S.-led military strike against Iraq. Iraqi officials say they will receive housing and food, and will be dispatched to key locations to discourage attacking forces from bombing those places.