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UN Inspectors Visit Iraq Technology University

In Iraq, U.N. weapons experts Thursday spent their 27th day of inspections visiting potential weapons sites. U.N. weapons inspectors are expanding their effort to include extensive interviews with Iraqi scientists.

They spoke for about an hour-and-a-half Thursday with the head of Baghdad's Technology University, Mazen Mohammad Ali.

He described the inspectors as highly professional, and knew what they wanted. He said they asked for the names of teachers at the university, specific details of the school's curriculum and the school's relationship with government entities. The heads of departments and the dean of the school were also interviewed.

While the interviews were being conducted Thursday, other inspection teams traveled to sites, including an oil products facility and a military industrial plant.

A government-run newspaper in Iraq said regardless of what the inspectors do, they will not prove Baghdad is in possession of weapons of mass destruction because, the newspaper said, no such weapons exist.