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UN Inspectors Visit More Iraqi Facilities - 2002-12-27

United Nations weapons inspectors have been in Iraq for exactly one month, and Friday continued their search for banned weapons of mass destruction by visiting an engineering company and an alcohol production facility. Tetiana Anderson has more from Cairo.

Iraqi officials said Friday that weapons inspectors toured the Al Nassir al Atheem State Company for the second time. The site, which is near Baghdad, was reportedly used for heavy engineering projects.

Another team toured what one western news agency called Al Asseryia Company. Also outside the capital, it produces alcohol products.

More then 100 U.N. inspectors are now in Iraq, since returning on November 27 following a four-year absence. The inspections are part of a U.N. resolution adopted last month to uncover possible evidence of Iraq's storage and production of weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq maintains it has no banned weapons, and inspectors have apparently not uncovered evidence to prove otherwise. But the United States insists Iraq is hiding something and has threatened to disarm the country by force if necessary.

The U.N. team is due to submit an initial report to the U.N. Security Council on January 27.