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Palestinian Boy Shot Dead in West Bank

Palestinian medical workers and witnesses said Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian youth and wounded another in the West Bank town of Tulkarem.

There are conflicting reports about the circumstances surrounding the shooting in Tulkarem.

Some witnesses said the boy was shot when Israeli soldiers opened fire with machineguns as their convoy patrolled the eastern part of Tulkarem.

Some Palestinian officials are quoted as saying the boys were part of a group of students throwing stones at the soldiers. Other witnesses said Israeli troops were not provoked, when they opened fire.

An army spokesman said the troops had responded to a crowd of stone-throwing Palestinians with what he termed "non-lethal weapons." He said an investigation has been opened into the incident. Saturday, Palestinians said a nine-year-old girl was killed by Israeli troops outside her home in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. Israeli sources said troops in the area fired after being shot at, but did not know anyone had been hit.

Also Saturday, Israeli police arrested a would-be bomber in Jerusalem, after an explosive device inside a car detonated prematurely. The man was slightly injured in the explosion.

The number of violent incidents took an upsurge last week after a lull that had lasted the better part of a month.

Israeli troops killed at least seven Palestinians in separate incidents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip last Thursday. Then late on Friday, Palestinian gunmen killed four Israelis in the dining hall of a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Both attackers were later killed by Israeli troops. In apparent retaliation, Israeli troops destroyed the homes of two Palestinian militants in the nearby village of Doura.