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Bush Says New Economic Stimulus Plan Will Be Fair to All Americans

President Bush unveils his plan to boost the U.S. economy today. In a speech in Chicago, he will outline a 10-year $600-billion package of tax cuts and other measures.

President Bush says his plan is the best way to strengthen the United States economy.

He says his tax cuts will stimulate growth and help create more jobs. "We don't believe it's the role of government to manage the economy. We've got great faith in the private sector," he said. "And so we're going to create the environment for the private sector to be stronger."

But Democrats maintain his plan is skewed to benefit the wealthy particularly his proposal to cut taxes on stock dividends.

The president says that is not so, that his plan will help all Americans. "This is a plan that provides tax relief to the working citizens. It is a plan that is a very fair plan," he said.

Wall Street appeared heartened by the administration's emphasis on boosting investment. Stocks rallied Monday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining two percent in value.