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NY Governor Announces Joint Bid With Quebec Province for Olympics - 2003-01-09

New York State and the Canadian Province of Quebec are planning an historic joint effort to host Winter Olympic Games. New York Governor George Pataki announced Wednesday the United States first ever bi-national bid for the Games.

Mr. Pataki said the busy corridor between Montreal, Canada, and New York State's Adirondack Mountains provides an ideal venue for the Winter Olympics.

"I am proud to announce that we are working with Premier Landry of Quebec to put together America's first ever bi-national olympic bid, the bid to have the games hosted jointly by the north country and by Quebec. It will be exciting opportunity," said Mr. Pataki.

The governor did not specify a particular Olympic year. But he said New York State and neighboring Canada have much to offer, including well-known winter sports resorts and olympic experience.

The Adirondack village resort of Lake Placid hosted the Winter Olympics in 1980 and 1932. The Summer Olympics were held in the Canadian city of Montreal in 1976. The two are about 200-kilometers apart. The regions already have an active commercial and cultural relationship and cooperate on security and transpiration issues.

Mr. Pataki made his announcement just two months after the U.S. Olympic Committee selected New York City over San Francisco to compete as the host city of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The next Winter Olympics will be held in Turin, Italy in 2006.