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Update on the War on Terrorism - 2003-01-15

Six people are arrested in Manchester, England as part of anti-terrorism raids connected to last week’s discovery of the deadly poison Ricin in a London apartment. Four North Africans connected to the London raid have been ordered to stand trial and are being held without bail.

In Indonesia, police have arrested two more key suspects in last October’s deadly bombings on the island of Bali. This brings the number of people arrested so far to 17. Some 190 people, mostly foreign tourists, were killed when two bombs ripped through a nightclub district in Bali. Authorities blame a local Muslim group for the blasts.

And finally in the United States, a program that requires Muslims and Arabs to report to American immigration offices for fingerprinting and photographing sparked protests around the country. The program is part of a Bush administration plan to identify and expel foreign nationals who may have ties to Muslim extremists groups. Thousands of people from 13 countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, lined up at immigration offices. Bobby Khan, an immigrant from Pakistan who has been living and working legally in the U.S. for eight years, is refusing to register.

“We came here for democracy and this is not a democracy. This is not freedom of speech. This is not equality. This is not what came here for.”

The controversial program has prompted criticism from countries such as Pakistan, which is an ally to the United States in fighting terrorism around the world.