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Bush Underscores Support for Anti-Abortion Movement - 2003-01-22

President Bush underscored his support for the anti-abortion movement in a telephone call to the annual "March for Life" in Washington. His words were carried on loud speakers to the tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered to mark the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion in the United States.

The president told the marchers that he shares their belief in the rights of all Americans - including the unborn. "You have made great sacrifices to come to Washington today," said President Bush. "A lot of you have ridden buses all night long and I know that you are braving the cold. I admire your perseverance and I admire your devotion to the cause of life."

Mr. Bush talked about steps being taken by his administration to "protect the lives of innocent children waiting to be born."

"As the president, I have signed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, opposed the destruction of embryos for stem cell research, and refused to spend taxpayer money on international programs that promote abortion overseas," he said.

The president made no mention of efforts to reverse the original Supreme Court abortion decision.

But the marchers believe that with several Supreme Court justices over 70 years of age, Mr. Bush will get an opportunity to appoint new high court members who share their views.