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Iraqi Newspapers Warn of Consequences of US-Led War - 2003-01-23

In Iraq, newspapers warned Thursday that the United States would suffer if it attacks Iraq, and U.N. weapons inspectors continued their search for banned weapons.

Some U.N. inspectors traveled north of Baghdad to investigate food stores at the Ministry of Trade. Meanwhile, a team of biological experts went to a university in Baghdad to search its colleges of science and medicine for evidence that might link Iraq to the development of banned weapons.

A chemical team returned to a missile factory for the second day in a row. Arms inspectors checked out a fiberglass production plant north of the capital.

Weapons inspectors say, while Iraq has fully cooperated regarding some issues of the inspection process, it has not on others, such as not allowing Iraqi scientists to be taken out of the country for questioning. Next Monday, the U.N. Security Council will receive what could be a critical report on the progress of the inspection process.

In the meantime, an Iraqi newspaper issued another warning to the United States. The newspaper, Babel, which is owned by President Saddam Hussein's son, warned that the events of September 11 will be "a picnic" compared with what would happen to America, if it commits aggression against Iraq.