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Saudi Arabia Arrests Suspect in Connection with Shooting of Americans

Saudi officials say a Kuwaiti man has been arrested for Tuesday's shooting of two Americans near Kuwait City, and he has reportedly been handed over to Kuwaiti authorities.

Quoting a Saudi interior ministry official the Saudi Press Agency reported Thursday the arrest of a Kuwaiti man in the shooting of two Americans in Kuwait Tuesday that left one man dead and the other seriously wounded.

The official is quoted as saying an initial investigation indicates that the Kuwaiti man "was the assailant who fired on American citizens" in Kuwait. The men were driving near Camp Doha, where as many as 10,000 U.S. troops are stationed. The two Americans were working as contractors for the U.S. military. Their vehicle was riddled with 24 bullets from automatic gunfire.

The Kuwaiti man was arrested Wednesday after crossing into Saudi Arabia from Kuwait. A Kuwaiti official was quoted as saying the man has been handed over to Kuwaiti authorities for questioning.

The U.S. embassy in Kuwait has described Tuesday's shooting as a "terrorist attack."

The embassy spokesman welcomed Thursday's announced arrest. He said the embassy is encouraged by the report. He also said U.S. officials hope the investigation would help determine whether the assailant has ties to any larger organization. He also called on the Kuwaiti government to do "everything in its power" to protect American citizens from terrorist attacks. Tuesday's shooting was the third time in three months Americans have been killed or injured in attacks in Kuwait.

In October a U.S. Marine was shot and killed and another wounded when two Kuwaitis opened fire on Marines training on a Kuwaiti island. The two assailants were then shot and killed by other Marines.

A month later two U.S. Marines were shot and seriously wounded by a Kuwaiti policeman who had stopped their vehicle. That man was later arrested while attempting to cross the border into Saudi Arabia.