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Jordanian King: 'It Would Take a Miracle' to Avert Iraq War

Jordan's King Abdullah says it would take a miracle to avert a U.S.-led war on Iraq. The Jordanian leader addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell warned that the United States was ready to use force, if necessary, to disarm Iraq.

Jordan's King Abdullah told the Davos forum that a U.S.-led war against Iraq now seemed unavoidable. "Unfortunately, I believe that we are now a bit too little, too late to see a way out, a diplomatic solution between Iraq and the international community," he said. "I am by nature very optimistic. A few months ago, I might have had a different answer. But, today, I think the mechanisms are in place. I think, it would be very difficult, it would take a miracle to find a dialogue and a peaceful solution out of the crisis."

Washington accuses Iraq of concealing weapons of mass destruction, a charge Baghdad denies. In his address to the forum, Secretary of State Powell said Washington would "not shrink from war" to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction.

King Abdullah said that, while Iraq is currently the focus of the world's attention, the major cause of instability in the Middle East is the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Let's hope that whatever happens between Iraq and the international community is quick, and as painless as possible," he said. "And, then, all our energies must be put together as part of the international community to galvanize the United States, and together, say to the Israelis and Palestinians, 'Enough is enough.' We are all being dragged into this. Nobody is untouched by the problems that are facing the Israelis and Palestinians."

King Abdullah said there was a need for what he called clear, committed leadership from the United States to bring about a Middle East peace that would provide security to the Israelis and a viable, contiguous state to the Palestinians.