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Weapons Inspectors Continue Work 1 Day Ahead of Report - 2003-01-26

In Iraq Sunday, U.N. weapons inspectors traveled to chemical, missile and biological sites, and an Iraqi newspaper said American and British soldiers would return home in body bags, if there is a U.S.-led invasion.

U.N. weapons inspectors went to several locations in Iraq Sunday, one day before the U.N. Security Council receives what could be a critical progress report on the search for banned nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

The list of suspected weapons sites visited Sunday included a missile research facility in northern Baghdad. A team of biological experts investigated a center for animal disease control. A nuclear team went to an oil refinery north of Baghdad. A chemical company east of Baghdad was searched, as was Baghdad's main hospital and a research laboratory suspected of developing anthrax and botulism toxins

While the hunt for weapons of mass destruction continued, the Iraqi newspaper Babel said Iraq would turn attacking U.S. soldiers into dead bodies. The newspaper, owned by a son of Saddam Hussein, said the bodies would be wrapped in plastic bags and returned home. It said the number of bags would be so high that U.S. and British leaders "will not be able to hide it or lie about it."

Meanwhile, Iran announced it would provide shelter for as many as 200,000 Iraqi refugees, should war take place.

Tehran said 10 refugee camps would be set up on Iranian soil to handle Iraqi refugees. The United Nations has predicted that as many as 900,000 Iraqis may attempt to flee to neighboring countries if war occurs.

Tehran is already home to almost two million refugees from Afghanistan, and Iranian officials said Sunday that Tehran is sharing with Baghdad its knowledge of how to deal with refugee issues.