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Israeli Astronaut's Remains Found - 2003-02-05

The remains of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, have been found among the debris of the space shuttle Columbia. The remains are expected to be brought back to Israel for burial.

An Israeli army statement says the military was informed by the U.S. space agency that some of Ilan Ramon's remains had been positively identified. The military says the remains will be returned to Israel for burial within the next few days.

The remains were found among the debris scattered near the Texas-Louisiana state border.

Several sets of human remains have been found, following Columbia's fiery breakup over Texas last Saturday as it was heading for a landing in Florida after its 16-day mission in space.

Ilan Ramon was one of seven crew members killed in the accident. He was Israel's first astronaut and as such became a national hero in his country.

Ramon was the son of a holocaust survivor, a colonel in the Israeli air force and a former fighter pilot.

His family, including his father, his wife and four children attended a memorial service for the astronauts in Houston, Texas, Tuesday along with President Bush.