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US Presidential Hopeful Kerry to Make Full Recovery from Cancer Surgery, Doctors Say - 2003-02-12

Doctors treating U.S. Senator John Kerry say he should make a full recovery following prostate cancer surgery Wednesday. The Massachusetts Democrat is expected to resume his campaign for president within the next few weeks.

Doctors in Baltimore said the early indications are that everything went well in Senator Kerry's surgery and they see no obstacles to resuming his quest for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Senator Kerry made that promise at a news conference the day before his surgery. He said, "So I don't think it is going to have any impact at all. I am going to be out there [campaigning]. In two weeks, I am scheduled to be doing some things on the West Coast. I intend to be there."

Senator Kerry is one of six Democrats actively seeking the nomination in 2004. The other hopefuls include Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, North Carolina Senator John Edwards, Missouri Congressman Richard Gephardt, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and New York civil rights activist Al Sharpton.

But the Democratic field could get even more crowded in the next few weeks. Florida Senator Bob Graham has given indications he will join the pack after he recovers from heart surgery. Two other senators: Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Joseph Biden of Delaware, are also considering entering the race.

It may seem early, but the first crucial Democratic test votes in Iowa and New Hampshire are less than a year away.