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UN Inspectors Closely Examine Recently Found Missiles in Iraq - 2003-02-16

U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq have been taking a close look at missiles that may be in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Weapons inspectors were shown four al-Samoud missiles Sunday following last week's disclosure by chief inspector Hans Blix that the missiles could exceed a U.N.-mandated limit of 150 kilometers.

The inspectors traveled north of Baghdad, where the military had moved the missiles to allow the inspection team to take a close look at them.

Other inspection teams checked out military bases, industrial companies, food factories and a college in their search for weapons of mass destruction.

In the meantime, Iraqi state-run newspapers were hailing anti-war demonstrations around the world as a victory for Saddam Hussein. The daily Al-Jumhuriya called the demonstrations the defeat and isolation of America and said the world was rising against what it called American aggression.

The United States and Britain accuse Baghdad of concealing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and say they will disarm Iraq, with or without the approval of the U.N. Security Council, if need be.

Iraq has steadfastly maintained that it possesses no weapons of mass destruction and, so far, weapons inspectors say they haven't found any.