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1 Palestinian Killed in Clashes with Israeli Forces


A Palestinian is dead after clashes today between Israeli forces and Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank.

Palestinian officials reported fierce gunbattles Tuesday between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli security forces in the West Bank city of Jenin.

The fighting began when Israeli border police, who were conducting checks in the area, ordered a group of Palestinians to halt. The Palestinians refused and began shooting at the police, who fired back.

In a separate incident, Palestinian medics report that a Palestinian boy was wounded by gunfire from an Israeli car near Nablus, also in the West Bank.

The boy, who was said to be in serious condition, was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Nablus for treatment.

Israeli police believe the boy was shot when passengers in the vehicle opened fire after it was attacked by Palestinian stone throwers.

In a another development, an Israeli woman was charged Tuesday with the attempted murder of a Palestinian laborer at the Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip.

The woman is accused of deliberately running over the man, who suffered a severe head wound and lost consciousness.

Israeli police believe the woman carried out the attack to avenge her brother's death.

The brother, a border policeman at the Erez checkpoint, was killed one year ago by Palestinian militants.