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Iraq Resumes Destruction of Missiles - 2003-03-08

Iraq resumed the U.N. - monitored destruction of more Al-Samoud 2 missiles after a one-day break.

The destruction of six more missiles at the Al-Taji military complex north of the capital, Baghdad begun Saturday morning, according to Iraqi Information Minister Uday al-Taie.

He said the elimination process was halted Friday for the Muslim day of rest.

Saturday's dismantling was pushing the total number of Al-Samoud 2 missiles scrapped since the beginning of March to 40. Two casting chambers have also been destroyed. When the destruction process began, Iraq had about 100 of the missiles.

The United Nations demanded that Baghdad crush the missiles, because they exceed the 150 kilometer allowed range.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press news agency reported that U.N. weapons inspectors continued their search for banned weapons, visiting an explosive production plant south of the capital. They also reportedly carried out an aerial survey of the location where missiles were being destroyed.