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African Influence On The UN Security Council's Vote On Iraq - 2003-03-12


Many African observers are talking about Iraq – and what they think should be expected from the African member countries of the UN Security Council.

The African Union, AU, has opposed the US-led war in Iraq. But the three African members -- Guinea, Angola and Cameroon -- have so far refused to publicly state their position.

Dr. Tajudeen Abdul Raheem is the General Secretary of an African activist group, the Global Pan-African Movement. From London, he spoke with English to Africa reporter Richard Kotey about the three countries and the Iraqi issue.

Dr. Tajudeen said it’s interesting to note that suddenly small countries like the three African nations have become so important in the UN Security Council with regard to the Iraqi issue. He said they should not allow the big powers in the council, the United States, Britain and France, to dictate how they should vote.

He said the African votes are of crucial importance and the three countries should be guided by the Africa Union and the Non-aligned Movement, which have condemned a possible US-led war against Iraq. Dr. Tajudeen said he has confidence in Guinea as the president of the Security Council and said it must live up to expectations and lead the Council to peace at this crucial time in its history.

He said the Iraqi situation concerns not just America but the entire world, and member countries of the council must take this factor into consideration when casting their votes.

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