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Ten People Die in Gaza Violence - 2003-03-18


Despite a U.S. Initiative to unveil what President Bush calls a “roadmap” to peace, nine Palestinians, including a four year old girl, were the victims of today’s violence in the Gaza strip.

Carol Pearson has the details.

The road to peace in the Middle East looks like it will continue to be long and difficult.

Palestinian witnesses say Israeli troops and armored vehicles entered a refugee camp in the Gaza strip today, sparking a gun battle that lasted several hours.

After the fighting ended, two teenagers and a four-year old girl lay dead.

The Israeli army is reportedly investigating this incident and the death Sunday of a 23- year-old American, Rachel Corrie who was crushed by an Israeli army bulldozer. Miss Corrie was one of about 100 international protestors who are in the West Bank and Gaza acting as “human shields.”

She was trying to block the bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian home at the time of her death.

In Washington state, her father said he and his wife were proud of their daughter.

Craig Corrie (Father)
“Rachel was filled with love and a sense of duty to her fellow man wherever they live. And she gave her life to protest those who could not protect themselves.”

An Israeli army spokesman called Rachel Corrie’s death an accident. He said she and other peace activists put themselves in danger by crossing into a combat zone.

Today, an empty coffin honoring her was placed in Gaza city’s main square.