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Nearly 2 Million 'Capitulation' Leaflets Dropped Over Iraq - 2003-03-19

With war imminent, U.S. led coalition aircraft have dropped new leaflets explaining how Iraqi troops can avoid harm.

The new leaflets are the first with what the U.S. military terms a "capitulation message," spelling out specific measures Iraqi troops should take to avoid attack.

The leaflets tell troops to gather in groups and to stay at least one kilometer from their vehicles. They are also to display white flags on those vehicles.

It says artillery and air defense weapons should be stowed in travel positions and no man-portable air defense systems, things like shoulder-fired missiles, should be visible.

The capitulation leaflets have been dropped over suspected Iraqi troop positions. Along with them, coalition planes have again dropped additional leaflets warning that any Iraqi unit that uses chemical or biological weapons will face what is termed "swift and severe retribution."

The appeals follow word from Pentagon sources that significant numbers of Iraqi troops may be prepared to give up without a fight.