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Telephone 'Bugs' Found in EU Headquarters - 2003-03-19


Officials in Brussels say telephone tapping systems have been found on the phone lines of several countries at the European Union headquarters. The discovery was made before an EU summit scheduled for Thursday.

EU spokesman Dominique-George Marro said the devices were found at the EU Council building. The spokesman said devices were discovered on the telephone lines during a regular security check a few days ago, but only a small number of lines are affected. The EU said the phones of the French and German delegations were tapped, and the British delegation said it was also tapped.

Other reports said the bugging system was apparently put in place through a switchboard to monitor telephone lines to rooms used by delegations inside the building. The EU spokesman said an investigation has been launched and there is no immediate indication who is behind the bugging.

Leaders of the 15 EU nations are to hold a summit in the same building Thursday and Friday.