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Congress Undivided in Support for US Troops

The U.S. Congress was set to approve a resolution Thursday, expressing support for U.S. troops engaged in the military operation to disarm Iraq.

Although U.S. lawmakers, mostly Democrats, have been divided over Bush administration policy toward Iraq, they are unified in their support of American men and women in uniform who are waging the war to disarm Iraq.

"It is time for us in the United States Senate to pull together," said Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee. "That is the purpose of this resolution to support our military, to support our Commander-in-Chief, and to support our allies and others who understand the direction in which we are going."

Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, who angered Republicans earlier this week by accusing President Bush of "failing miserably" in his diplomatic efforts on Iraq, echoed Senator Frist's comments.

"The Congress has always come together for one purpose, to support the efforts of our troops and pray for their courage, their success, and their safe and quick return home," said Mr. Daschle. "With pride and resolve, we do so today."

While offering support for the troops, Democrats continued to criticize the Bush administration for not offering cost estimates of the war and the post-war reconstruction of Iraq.

President Bush is expected to send Congress a supplemental funding request for the war in the coming days.

Senators Frist and Daschle said Mr. Bush called to notify them of the start of military action Wednesday night. Senator Frist said administration officials have promised Congressional leaders daily briefings on the progress of the war.

Meanwhile, Mr. Frist announced that security will be tightened at the U.S. Capitol for the duration of the war. Public tours will be restricted as part of the measures taken.