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Congress Gets Briefings on US-led War Against Iraq - 2003-03-21

Members of the U.S. Congress will be briefed by the Bush administration Friday about progress in the U.S.-led war to disarm Iraq. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld discussed developments in the war with lawmakers late Thursday night.

Secretary Rumsfeld sounded upbeat as he spoke to reporters after briefing members of the House of Representatives. "There is no question but that that regime is not going to be there in the future, and at some point the people of Iraq and the military of Iraq will register that fact, the people will be enormously relieved and liberated, and the military, if they are wise, will refuse to obey orders, and particularly will refuse to obey any orders involving the use of weapons of mass destruction," he said.

Earlier, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz briefed Senators, and will return to the Capitol Friday to update lawmakers on the situation.