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Iraq Casualties - 2003-03-23

In the fifth day of the U.S.-led military action on Iraq there are many casualties to report in many different theaters.

U.S. military authorities are questioning an American soldier suspected of carrying out a grenade attack at a U.S. Army camp in Kuwait. One soldier was killed and at least a dozen others were wounded.

The attack took place in early-morning darkness Sunday in a heavily guarded base camp of the 101st Airborne Division, located in northern Kuwait near the border with Iraq. The attacker threw grenades into three tents, including a tent used by senior officers in the camp.

Time Magazine reporter Jim Lacy was there.

“Two grenades went off in the tent that housed the leadership of the brigade here at Camp Pennsylvania.”

The U.S. military has not identified the suspect. And there is no word about a motive for the attack.

In another loss Sunday, British officials say a British Air Force plane was accidentally shot down over the Persian Gulf by a US Patriot missile. Captain Al Lockwood, a spokesman for the British forces.

“Tragically one of our Royal Air Force aircraft returning from operations over Iraq appears to have been intercepted and shot down by an American Patriot missile.”

The crew of the aircraft is missing.

In separate incidents, one journalist was killed and three are missing in Iraq. An Australian cameraman died in northern Iraq late Saturday after a car bomb exploded. Security officials in the area say they believe the attack might have been carried out by the Ansar-al-Islam group, which has a stronghold in the area. The group has been linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Meanwhile, three journalists from a British television network are missing after being fired on in southern Iraq. Authorities believe they may have been caught in crossfire between Iraqi and British troops.