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US Soldier Suspected of Deadly Attack on Fellow American Soldiers - 2003-03-23

U.S. military spokesmen say one American soldier was killed and 12 others were wounded when at least three grenades were tossed into a command post at a U.S. military camp in the Kuwaiti desert. A soldier who is suspected of carrying out the attack has been arrested.

Military officials say the grenades were hurled at a command complex at Camp Pennsylvania in Northern Kuwait, where a brigade of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division is stationed.

The officials say the suspect is a soldier assigned to the division and that he has been taken into custody. They have not identified him by name or rank. And they will not comment on the possible motivation for the attack.

A reporter for Time magazine, who is covering the unit, says he witnessed the attack. He said that when the grenades exploded, several soldiers thought they had come under an Iraqi missile attack.

The reporter identified the suspect as a sergeant who had recently been disciplined for insubordination.

Camp Pennsylvania is one of several U.S. military bases in the Kuwaiti desert. U.S. forces last week used many of those bases as launching pads for their ground invasion of Iraq.