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Allied Forces Destroy Iraqi Jamming Systems - 2003-03-25

A top U.S. general says allied forces in Iraq have destroyed six jamming systems he says Iraq tried to use to disrupt a U.S. satellite positioning system known as GPS that is crucial for the targeting of precision-guided weapons.

Air Force Major General Victor Renuart told reporters at a news briefing Tuesday that Iraqi attempts to jam U.S. targeting systems have in no way hurt the effectiveness of the allied air campaign.

"We have noticed some attempts by the Iraqis to use a GPS jamming system that they have procured from another nation," he said. "Actually, we've been able to identify the location of each of those jammers, and I'm happy to report that we have destroyed all six of those jammers in the last two nights' airstrikes. As to have they had an effect on us, I'm also pleased to say they've had no effect on us. In fact, we destroyed one of the GPS jammers with a GPS weapon."

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said President Bush was very concerned about reports that Russian firms had provided Iraq with systems to jam signals from GPS satellites. Russia has denied providing such equipment to the Iraqis.