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The Trafficking Of Women & Children In Southern Africa - 2003-03-25

A new report says the trafficking of women and children in southern Africa “is more pervasive” than originally thought. The International Organization for Migration says among the groups involved are Chinese triads and Russian organized crime. But local traders and crime syndicates are also said to be involved.

Many of the women become sex workers and children become forced laborers. Jonathan Martens, a migration program officer for the International Organization for Migration, spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua from Pretoria. He says the report finds that “young women and children are especially vulnerable to the recruitment tactics of traffickers because civil unrest and economic deprivation leave them with few opportunities at home.”

The report also says, “Refugees are both victims and perpetrators of trafficking to South Africa.” Mr. Martens says international legislation is needed to “criminalize trafficking and adequately protect victims.”

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