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Coalition Forces Raid Saddam's Palace - 2003-04-03

Coalition forces have raided a palace reportedly used by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and other senior leaders near Baghdad.

Deputy coalition operations director Brigadier General Vincent Brooks says the raid was carried out by American special operations forces. "Last night a special operations element raided the Tharthar Palace on the outskirts of Baghdad," he said. "This is approximately 90 kilometers outside of Baghdad, roughly 56 miles. It is a known residence that is used by Saddam Hussein and his sons."

General Brooks said the troops did not find any senior Iraqi leaders, but seized important documents. There were no coalition casualties.

Coalition officials say communications between the Iraqi leaders and their troops have deteriorated considerably since the war on Iraq began two weeks ago.

General Brooks would not provide details on what information prompted the attack on this palace, saying only that coalition forces have indications of where regime leaders move at a given time.