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Midwest Community Uses Prayer to Support U.S. Troops - 2003-04-04

Now, as part of our continuing effort to show you how Americans are finding strength in their faith during this time of war, we thought we’d bring you a look at one community in the American midwest that borders an Air Force base.

Thursday we brought you the story of one Washington, D.C. area church that decided to open its doors at all hours, so that members of its largely anti-war congregation could find solace when they needed it. Amy Katz, now, with a look at another American community that is more supportive of the war effort.

People from the Oklahoma City community attending a prayer service in honor of American soldiers deployed overseas. They are especially supportive of those soldiers because some live at Tinker Air Force Base nearby.

On this day, flags for each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces were on display, symbols of the troops and the families who are left behind.

A number of the participants have friends and family who have been sent to Iraq. Howard Johnson is one of them. He says he is nervous about his nephew, a U.S. Army Green Beret who is in Iraq.

“I pray to God that all things go good for him over there and the rest of the people with him.”

Others, like Kelley Miller, came to the service to show their support for the troops.

“You just have to take a step back and say thank you so much for what you’re doing for us, letting us have our freedoms and having the life that we have here.”


The people who took part were able to share their concerns, and to pray for not only the soldiers, but also for their families, many of whom are coping with fears of what might happen to their loved ones in Iraq.