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Bush Hails Congress For Approval of Iraq War Funding Request - 2003-04-04


President Bush has won Congressional approval for nearly $80 billion to help pay for the war in Iraq. The six months of funding also includes support for U.S. allies.

President Bush commended Congress for working across party lines to approve the money, saying the House and Senate took "strong and decisive" action to help U.S. troops win the war in Iraq.

Both houses of Congress approved $62 billion for the war and $5 billion to help offset the economic losses of allies, including Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey.

The plan includes $2 billion for relief and reconstruction in Iraq and $4 billion for increased security against terrorist attack in the United States.

House and Senate members will now meet to resolve differences between their bills, which include a measure in the House version making it difficult for companies from countries opposed to the war to receive U.S. funds to rebuild Iraq.

A White House statement says the president wants the financial flexibility to respond quickly to any changing needs at home or abroad.