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Jordanians Stunned Following Events in Iraq - 2003-04-09

Jordanians watching television were stunned by scenes of celebration as a statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled in the main square of Baghdad.

"It is mysterious and it is confusing me," said Fuad, 33, stared at the live TV scenes of American soldiers moving into the center of Baghdad in disbelief. "I do not know what is going to happen. I am shocked. I am amazed at what happened."

"I do not care about Saddam or another leader," said the young Jordanian government worker who sat mesmerized by the live TV coverage of U.S. soldiers helping young Iraqis topple a statue of Saddam Hussein that had been erected in the main square a year ago. "I would like to see the Iraqis in peace," he continued, "I would like to see the Palestinians in peace."

Another Jordanian, Abdullah, cannot believe Saddam Hussein's control over Iraq has crumbled so quickly.

"Nobody can believe at all," said Abdullah. "You see in 21 days during a war. Suddenly no army, no tanks, no planes. Nothing. The American army get inside Baghdad, even own police you never see. What happened? There is something strange. Nobody can believe what happened."

Egyptian worker Youssef said he is saddened by what he has seen and describes it as humiliating for Arabs.

"The way the Americans were showing the people they are the ones who control the world," he said. "They have Saddam down. They tell the people we are the ones on top so they are controlling everything especially in the Arab world. It is very humiliating."

All three men say they are worried about what will happen in the coming days and weeks in the absence of a functioning government. Meanwhile, they hope the fighting will stop soon.