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Pentagon Concerned About Latest Suicide Bombing in Iraq - 2003-04-10

Top Pentagon officials say they are very concerned about the latest suicide bombing in Iraq that killed at least one coalition soldier and wounded several others.

The suicide bombing occurred at a U.S.Marine checkpoint in Baghdad, where scattered armed resistance to American forces continues.

The attack Thursday night was near Baghdad's Palestine hotel, where many foreign journalists have been staying.

Major General Stanley McChrystal of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff says the attack reinforces the dangers that remain in Baghdad. "I think we are very concerned about it, because force protection is a complex task, because as you try to allow life to get back to normal, maintaining protection of your forces is increasingly difficult," he said. "As we transition from high intensity combat, this certainly reinforces the danger that will remain."

General McChrystal says coalition forces will take the same steps to protect themselves that they would in any other "high threat environment."

He says the goals are to protect the Iraqi population and allow them at least a partial return to normalcy, while also protecting coalition troops.