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Pentagon: Looting 'Not a Major Threat;' Priority is Defeating Resistance

Pentagon officials say they will eventually try to stop the massive looting in Baghdad, but the immediate priority is to battle the scattered resistance from Iraqi fighters.

Massive looting continued in Baghdad for a second straight day, and humanitarian organizations are expressing concern their relief work may be damaged.

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, Major General Stanley McChrystal of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff says the priority of coalition forces is to clear out the pockets of scattered resistance.

"Clearly, the focus right now has got to be on getting the death squads and the Special Republican Guard elements identified and defeated and out of the city, because that is the major threat. Looting is a problem, but it is not a major threat," he said. "People are not being killed in looting. So that's something we have to do as we have the time and capability to do it. Sure, we want the looting to stop. But it's something that will be gotten to."

Some of the sites ransacked include the German embassy, the home of Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz, and a house that belonged to Saddam's son Uday.