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Saddam Hussein's Fate Remains Unclear - 2003-04-12

Intelligence reports paint a confused and uncertain picture about the fate of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Pentagon sources say there are now intercepted communications in which Iraqi officials are heard saying that Saddam Hussein is dead. Some say he was killed on the opening night of the war more than three weeks ago in a surprise U.S. air strike. Others indicate he died in a bombing attack at the beginning of this week.

But still other intelligence reports suggest Saddam is still alive, which is why Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he is not jumping to any conclusions.

"I've not personally seen enough intelligence from reliable sources - and not single-source conclusions, but multiple sources - that are reliable, that would enable me to walk up and say that I have conviction that he's dead. I also lack conviction that he's alive," he said. "I promise you I'm not keeping anything from you."

Saddam heads a list of more than 50 of Iraq's most-wanted personalities now being sought by the U.S.-led coalition.