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Missing US Soldiers Found North of Baghdad - 2003-04-13

At least seven U.S. service personnel previously thought to have been captured or missing have been found by U.S. forces in Iraq. The top commander of coalition forces in Iraq says they are apparently in good condition.

"What we do not know right now," said U.S. General Tommy Franks in an interview with ABC television, "is whether these are six of the youngsters we had categorized as prisoners, which some of them we have seen on television, or whether these are from the category of troops that we have listed as missing in action."

General Franks did not say where the service personnel were recovered. But another American TV network, CNN, quoted Central Command sources as saying they were found by U.S. Marines during a push north from Baghdad.

The troops are among the 12 listed as captured or missing that U.S. forces have vowed to track down.