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Baseball Commissioner Selig to Step Down in 2006 - 2003-04-25


Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig says he does not plan to stay on after his term expires in December, 2006.

Selig, 67, became interim commissioner in September of 1992 after Fay Vincent was forced out by baseball team owners. Despite saying he did not want the job permanently, Selig agreed to a five-year term in July of 1998, and a second five-year term was added later.

Selig is credited with adding an extra round to the playoffs, implementing interleague play and the current three-division format in National and American Leagues. But his greatest success came last year, when he was able to avoid a potentially devastating work stoppage. The commissioner also has taken heat for his battle with the umpires' union, the inability of small-market teams to compete, and the cancellation of the 1994 postseason.

Selig said he never intended to take the job permanently.