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Lisa Marie Presley Launches Debut Album, <i>To Whom It May Concern</i> - 2003-04-26

Lisa Marie Presley has been making headlines since she was born. She's the only child of the late "King of Rock and Roll", Elvis Presley, and she attracted worldwide publicity during her brief marriage to the "King of Pop", Michael Jackson. Now, Lisa Marie is ready to show that she's inherited some of her father's talent. VOA's Bernie Bernard tells us about Lisa Marie Presley's debut album, To Whom It May Concern.

Lisa Marie Presley was never under any pressure to find a job. As Elvis' daughter and one of the administrators of his estate, she's estimated to be worth half a billion dollars. She was nine years old when her father died in 1977. Lisa Marie wanted to write and record songs, because, as she says, "music's been such a profound influence on me and my whole life, and has gotten me through everything. I wanted to see if I could affect others. It's as simple as that."

Her voice has a rock edge, and is being compared to that of Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, country singer Wynonna Judd and pop diva, Cher. On stage, Lisa Marie displays a few of her father's mannerisms, such as swiveling her hips and curling her lip as she sings.

As the child of a rock pioneer, Lisa Marie says of the Presley name, "It can open doors. But if you don't back it up, you can't keep the door open. You have to hold your own."

On a recent network television interview program, Lisa Marie Presley spoke about growing up at Elvis' Graceland estate in Memphis, where she was encouraged to sing for family and friends, and talked about her short marriages to Michael Jackson and actor Nicholas Cage. She says if you really want to know about her, listen to her new album, To Whom It May Concern. "This record is me, every song is me. You're going to see who I really am and not what the tabloids have to say about me," Lisa Marie commented.

Lisa Marie has already gained credibility as a musical artist. Her new release entered the Billboard magazine albums chart at Number 5, and sold more than 140,000 copies in its first week, making it one of the year's highest debuts. She's on the cover of the April 20 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, with an accompanying article and interview that delves into different facets of her life, her relationships and her aspiring musical career. The first single from To Whom It May Concern, is a tribute to her late father, Elvis, called Lights Out.

Lisa Marie expects to announce dates for her first U.S. tour, which is expected to kick off in June.