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Bush: US, UK, Spain to Introduce UN Resolution on Lifting of Iraq Sanctions - 2003-05-08

President Bush is urging the U.N. Security Council to lift international sanctions against Iraq. He feels confident the United Nations will act to help the Iraqi people.

The president said the United States, Great Britain and Spain will soon introduce a resolution to lift the sanctions.

He said the deep divisions that marked the pre-war debate on Iraq appear to have eased, and seemed confident the resolution will pass.

"There is a mood to work together to achieve a resolution that will expedite the reconstruction of Iraq," he emphasized.

Mr. Bush spoke after a meeting at the White House with Spain's Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. The Spanish leader nodded in agreement when the president said the sanctions must go.

"And no country in good conscience can support using sanctions to hold back the hopes of the Iraqi people," added Mr. Bush. Earlier, he signed paperwork lifting all U.S. sanctions on Iraq.