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US: Saudi Arabia Must do More to Stop Terrorist Attacks - 2003-05-15

The White House says Saudi Arabia must do more to stop terrorist attacks following Monday's bombings in the Saudi capital. U.S. law enforcement officials are in Saudi Arabia to help investigate the blasts that killed 34 people, including seven Americans.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan says Monday's attack "makes it clear" that more needs to be done to fight terrorism in Saudi Arabia.

Responding to questions about reports that Saudi officials failed to heed U.S. warnings in the days before the attack, Mr. McClellan said there has been "very good" cooperation so far in the fight against terrorism, and the Bush administration will continue to work to improve that.

U.S. Ambassador Robert Jordan says Saudi officials failed to respond adequately to requests for more security at compounds housing U.S. citizens.

Mr. McClellan says FBI agents in Saudi Arabia are looking into what led up to the attacks, and whether anything more could have been done to prevent them. He says they will examine what requests were made, and what was done about those requests before the bombings.

Mr. McClellan says Saudi officials have made progress in cutting-off terrorist financing, and continue to cooperate with U.S. law enforcement. He says they recognize that terrorists threaten Saudis as much as expatriates living in the country.