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Bush: Saudi Bombings Are 'Wake-Up Call' on Terrorism - 2003-05-16

President Bush says the United States and Saudi Arabia are working together to find those responsible for Monday's suicide bombings in the Saudi capital which killed 34 people, including seven Americans.

President Bush says the attacks were a "wake-up call" for many that the war on terrorism continues.

Asked about reports that Saudi officials failed to heed U.S. warnings in the days before the attack, President Bush said there has been good cooperation in the fight against terrorism but terrorist groups remain active around the world.

"There are killers on the loose, obviously killers on the loose inside of Saudi Arabia in this example, and we want to work with them and find them, find those killers and bring them to justice," he said.

White House officials say FBI agents in Saudi Arabia are looking into what led up to the attacks and whether anything more could have been done to prevent them.

Saudi officials say the attacks show they must improve their counter-terrorism efforts. FBI Director Robert Mueller says the initial Saudi probe into the attacks has been "thorough and expeditious."