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US Warns of More Terror Attacks in Saudi Arabia - 2003-05-16

Three days after a deadly terrorist bombing targeting Americans and other foreigners in Saudi Arabia, the United States is warning another terrorist attack in the country may be imminent. Americans are also being told to be on alert in Kenya, where Britain has suspended all flights in and out of the country because of what it says could be an imminent attack there.

The State Department late Thursday alerted Americans to what it says could be another terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia in the near future, this time in Jeddah.

U.S. officials say they can not determine the credibility of the threat, but are taking no chances. Some American dependents of U.S. government employees have already been relocated, just three days after suspected al-Qaida suicide bombers got past security at gated compounds in the Saudi capital, Riyadh and detonated car bombs that killed more than 30 people, including eight Americans.

That attack came only days after an unusually explicit U.S. warning that terrorists in Saudi Arabia could be in the final stages of planning an attack, and U.S. allegations that the Saudi authorities failed to adequately respond to a request that security be upgraded at the residential compounds in light of those warnings.

In addition to this new threat in Saudi Arabia, U.S. officials are warning Americans against traveling to Kenya because of the possibility that terrorists could use a shoulder-fired missile to bring down a commercial airliner.