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Liberia Accuses Guinea Of Supporting Rebels, Guinea Denies Allegations - 2003-05-20

The Liberian government is accusing the army of Guinea of conducting combat operations in Liberia. The allegation came from Liberia’s acting ambassador to the United States, Aaron Kollie, who was speaking from the Liberian Embassy here in Washington, DC. He accuses the government of Guinea of an "unprovoked act of aggression."

Mr. Kollie says the UN Security Council and a number of international organizations such as Human Rights Watch have confirmed that Guinea is actively involved in the destabilization of Liberia. Mr. Kollie told English to Africa reporter Josephine Kamara that the Liberian government will not tolerate it.

Josephine also spoke with the Guinean ambassador in Washington, Raphiou Barry, for a reaction to Mr. Kollie’s allegation. Mr. Barry denies the charge and says Guinea has nothing to do with Liberia’s internal affairs. He says, "Guinea respects the sovereignty of a brother country, and will not support a rebellion."

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